I had a little frog once..

I had a little frog once. A little green frog, very cute. And I loved that frog very, very much. It meant everything to me. And one day I woke up. The frog was gone. And I thought to myself that if the frog is gone, I'm going to kill myself. So I stood there in my boyroom with my stepfathers gun pointing at myself. Ready to kill. The little frog walks in to the room like this, and he stands and look at me. Then I understood. That if you really, really love someone, as my frog did with me, they can come back. And that's not only animals. It could be people also. So if Slim Susie loves you, she will come back, I promise. She's coming back. Be happy and jump on your moped and take a ride around the city and burn out and have fun. You and your moped. Thank you for listening. Over and out.


Postat av: Nyström

okey,hyr du den i första eller andra hand eller har du köpt den?

hehe de får du upptäcka tills jag flyttar in;)hehehe

okey,så du går inte på pedagogen då? eller är de samma sak?

jag jobbar på volvo lastvagnar..inte något speciellt men de duger:P

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